Bless Castle

Bless Castle, a Player versus Player battlefield! Siege War time: 13h (GMT+1, Server Local Time) on Sunday, every week The defending clan must defend their Bless Castle. By setting up a strategic fire, ice or poison towers and purchasing guards the defending clan can greatly increase their defences. Bless Castle can be accessed thanks to Clever Daemon located in Bamboo Forest. Bless Castle bonuses : The clan owning Bless Castle has a small golden crown floating above the head. The members of the clan can access the inside of the Bless Castle during the week, while others can't. Inside the Castle there is a mana fountain which gives 1 mana potion every minute. The leader can chose a bonus buff skill for all the clan: +10% Attack Power, +10 Absorb, or +10% Evade. The clan receives tax gold which the clan leader can retrieve at the Bless Castle Controls NPC. Defence formula: (Percentage) : (100/EnemyAttackRating) * (CharacterDefence/10)) + ((CharacterLevel - EnemyLevel) / 2) 



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